About Us

Welcome to WhiteClouds. We’ve been part of the 3D printing and 3D fabricating industry since 2013.

We have a great team of 3D designers, 3D print technicians, sculptors, artisans, painters, and engineers. We bring your ideas to life using state-of-the-art 3D software, 3D printing, foam fabrication, and special effects. We build really cool custom models for a variety of industries including architectural, trade show, and entertainment. Whether it’s a 3D cartoon character like Bugs Bunny or MasterChief; large letters for a corporate special event; campus-wide dioramas with enhanced special effects like lighting and sound; or large product replicas for a trade show, these models are sure to engage audiences of all ages.

3D printed Bugs Bunny created by WhiteClouds 3D printed Buddha created by WhiteClouds Foam sculpted cupcake and cookie created by WhiteClouds

Here at WhiteClouds, everything happens in our 45,000 sq. ft facility in Ogden, Utah. Our 3D fabrication includes 3D printing technologies, foam fabrication, hand sculpting, hot wire cutting, CNC cutting, laser cutting, welding, woodworking, carpentry, and fiber-glassing.

BYU Diorama with LED lighting effects NHL Allstar large letter display with uplighting Partner Force floating letters display