Each of these major brands use the WhiteClouds solution and
technology to personalize and specifically tailor their models.
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Winterwoods Homes
"Since partnering with WhiteClouds, we have been able to enhance the entire architectural experience for our clients! The ability to recreate our client's custom log and timber frame home design in the form of a 3D print model, provides a greater clarity as to how the project will look and feel on the specific topography of their building site."
Jeffery W. Caudill | President | Winterwoods Homes, Ltd.
"The use of 3D Printing is a footwear industry standard that continues to gain momentum in the Production environment as Additive Manufacturing technology evolves. Companies such as Wolverine Worldwide who embrace 3D Printing not only survive, but thrive with the strategic implementation of relevant, new and innovative Additive technologies."
Mark Baker | Wolverine World Wide
Wolverine Worldwide
"3D Print Packs extend our advanced visualization expertise to include the material world. It is especially exciting that this feature can be turned on within every current TeraRecon installed base system. We are excited to work with WhiteClouds to not only make 3D printing accessible to everyone, but also make prints that are remarkable in terms of their detail and realism."
Jeff Sorenson | CEO | TeraRecon
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